Registration : PN 1562

Engine number : S-MR3396
Fitted with factory correct Bentley Supercharger. 

Chassis Number : TX3227

MM Coefficient 1,7


According to the information available in the latest edition of the amazingly detailed, 3 volume, Bentley “Bible” by Clare Hay.

Bentley Chassis number TX3227 is believed to have left the factory in 1928 as an original 4.5 Litre Bentley built with a Harrison 4 seater open body, and is recorded to have been sold by to a British army officer, a certain Major Abercromby in 1932.

1949 - The car was rebuilt and the chassis seems to have been damaged around this time as it was changed to Ch#976 and all the major mechanical parts transferred, the car was then re-registered as JOP 873.

1961 - JOP 873 was then again rebuilt back to PN 1562 using the correct length 10’ 10” chassis as per the original car in 1928, the original engine, gearbox and axle etc from TX3227 – PN 1562 were all re-fitted. 

2004 – Around this time PN 1562 was sold to a new owner with no bodywork and was then fitted with the  Le Mans type body it wears today, it was also rebuilt with a new engine by Neil Davies, uprated to 5.3 Litre and fitted with his fantastic Birkin type Supercharger and all associated parts to full Factory “Blower Bentley” Specification.

This car is restored to top specification and has around 250 BHP with more than 450nm Torque. 

At full power, You need to be a real Man to handle this baby!!    You can get your wife a McLaren or a La Ferrari (I think the La is short for “Lady’s” :o) but keep this beast for the Bentley Boys.  

Asking price : 895.000€

PN1562 03