1932 Invicta "Sparrowhawk" S Type Low Chassis

Registration no. BGX 303

Chassis number: S161

This wonderful and rare Invicta S type Low Chassis Drophead Coupé was first registered on October 1st 1934 to a Mr. Sparrowhawk. Being an S type it was fitted with a Carbodies open Tourer body. In 1938 the bodywork was re manufactured by coach builder Salmsons to a more luxurious Drophead Coupé, this bodywork is the original Salmson coachwork on this car today. It is 1 of just 5 drophead coupes ever made on the “S” Type chassis. It was originally finished in black with blue wings and blue interior.

In 1938 the car was sold being a new car to a Mr. Wynmalen of Southard. In 1956 it was bought by a Mr. P. Hudson for 300 Pounds! In 1967 it was sold to Mr. R. Lindsey for 700 Pounds. In 1973 it went to Mr. N. Robson. From 1984 it was owned by Mr R. Jackson who in turn sold it to Mr. W. Oswald. Two further owners where Mr. W.J. Roberts and Mr. T. Jackson.

By now the car was in the U.S.A. and at some point it was painted dark red with the interior changed to beige. The car was then shown on the lawn at Pebble Beach. In 1995 it was sold to an Italian collector who restored the car with documentation of the metalwork done showing the original colour under the paint.

Twelve years ago the current owner, a Dutch gentleman, bought the car from the Italian collector and used it sparingly since. The car has always been well maintained, she is on the button and in great condition.

Thanks to the Invicta register for information. The car still carries her first original English registration and is also Dutch registered. With the car comes old registration records, pictures before, during and after restoration. This car is one of the best looking sports cars pre-second World War 2.


This is your chance to own a very rare and original Invicta, with a great continuous history.

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Invicta Sparrowhawk-1