1939 Lagonda V12 Drophead Coupe

At the wheel of your Lagonda you are an
Emperor of Power,
a slight pressure of your foot lifts you from a
purring 10 to a humming 80 m.p.h. 
Your wheel steady, your Lagonda gliding smoothly, your brakes waiting confidently.

The Lagonda V12 DHC was manufactured in 1939 on a short wheelbase chassis (chassis 14102). 

After completing the bodywork production the car was shipped on February 1, 1940 to the US and then transferred to Argentina where it remained for many years.

About 15 years ago she was discovered and transported back to Europe and became the property of a Belgium gentleman from which it was bought by the current owner. 


The car is made with a cabriolet aluminum body and ‘Rapide’ fenders. The body was designed and fabricated by Frank Feeley, the engine being referred to by many as Bentley’s masterpiece. The car was one of the last 189 built Lagonda V12’s after the outbreak of World War ll.  This particular V12,  4.5 litre engine in this car was supplied to the same specification as the V12 Le Mans race cars, which came in third and fourth place in the 1939 Le Mans 24h race.. Like these Le Mans recing cars, this car is fitted with a four SU D4L carburettors, a special inlet manifold, special camshafts and valves and an increased 8.5:1 compression ratio compared to the 7:1 standard. Sufficient ventilation in the bonnet ensures adequate ventilation of the engine compartment. As with cars for Le Mans race the car also has the same type of improved hydraulic drum brakes. 


The first owner is not known but it was most likely one of the departments of the government of Argentina and used for visits to the Argentine Embassy. Back to Europe returning basically fairly complete, but in a condition requiring a total renovation. The vehicle was restored gradually from 2012 to 2018 by the current owners who have restored top concourse winning cars, including outright wins at several of the worlds most prestigious events.  The  rebuild of the engine was carried out under the guidance of Julian Messent who is a word authority on these engines.  

This is the most stunningly restored Lagonda V12 we have ever seen,  amazing power and stunning driving experience, it represents the very top of the tree in Lagonda circles.


Asking price: 475.000 euro   

Asking price: 475.000 euro  
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