1949 Gianinni Dagrada 750 Sports Siluro

Original participant to the 1950 Mille Miglia, fully restored original car (FIVA A3). Guaranteed entry to the most beautiful race in the world, the Mille Miglia. See the car in action in the 1950 Mille Miglia footage after 0:39 minutes, https://youtu.be/cYmXS__SQ74 .

This is a Italian pocket-rocket, and one of the best driving cars you will ever drive. 

Less than 400 KG, some 60HP available combined with an astonishing road holding, this little Italian Jewel is a true joy to drive. It can both be driven at ease while enjoying the scenery, but also be driven like the race car it was in period, winning multiple Italian races in 1950 and 1951. You will be astonished by the performance.

The owner has enjoyed it many years, and is now looking for the next adventure.


Racing history:

1949 Tre Ronti-Teolo, 1e Classe 750

1949 Susa-Moncenisio – 7th Bordnoni 18’12”2.

1950 Coppa Toscana

1950 - Mille Miglia – Franco Bordoni + Angelo Dagrada - #227

https://youtu.be/cYmXS__SQ74 from 0:35 onwards: Bordoni in the 1950’s Mille Miglia

1950 Circuito Collemaggio L’aquila

1950   Parma-Poggio die Berceto – 1e overall (Cars open up to 750.

Bordoni Franco (Dagrada) who makes 50,500 kilometers in 34'03 "2 at an average of 88,981 km)

17-6-1951 – Circuito litta Die Castello Teramo

1951 Circuito Collemaggio (Aquila) 1951

1951 Gran Premio Pietro Cidonio L’aquila & Lugio

1951 Circuito Ascoli Piceno

1951 Gran Premio Modena - #32 Franco Bordoni

1952 Circuito die Senigallia

1953 Verese camp dei Fiori Xeconti Giorgio  - Bordoni 3th in Category (now with attached wings)

Full history available on request.

With the car comes a lot of original spare parts for the car but we are sure you don’t need it!

Be amazed and please come check it out!

Too late, just sold!


Dagrada - 2
Dagrada - 2

Dagrada - 26
Dagrada - 26