1962 Austin Healey 3000 BN7

Chassis Number: HBN7L /18225
Engine Number: 29K/RU/H1262      

In 1952, Austin-Healey was established through a joint venture between Austin (division of BMC) and the Donald Healey Motor Company.

Shortly after, the Austin Healey 100 was presented as their first model. With its 4-cylinder engine and very sporty look and feel, the car became an instant hit. A lot of people, all over the world, enjoyed this little sports car and even went racing with it. Especially the M and S versions are very sought after nowadays.

In 1956, Healey changed to an 6-cylinder engine and this second version was called the 100-6. It had a slightly longer wheelbase than its predecessor but came with a more powerful 2639cc engine. The 100-6 improved the original concept just enough to keep its fan base and making it fresh again to attract new customers.

In 1959, the wait for the next big thing was finally over. The first ‘big’ Healey saw daylight at the factory of Abingdon. Inspired by the 100-6 engine, the 6-cylinder 2.912cc engine gave the last series the power people were expecting from the 100-6. The 3000 was slightly improved throughout the years and the 3000 became the MKI when the MKII followed. The last version, MKIII , confirmed again that the 3000 was one of the iconic sports cars. People still enjoy them all over the world.

Weather protection remained minimal, a folding plastic roof on a light demountable frame and above the doors detachable side screens holding sliding perspex panels. Wire wheels, overdrive gearbox, laminated windscreen, heater, adjustable steering column, detachable hard top, and two-tone paint were available as options.

The 3000 Mk 2 version was built between 1961 and 1963. Compared to the Mk 1, it was equipped with 3 SU carburettors and was distinguished externally by a new grille with vertical bars. This version kept the same code BT7 (4 places) and BN7 (2 places) as its predecessor.

The 3 carburetors were intended to develop even more efficient competition versions, on the series version, it now gave it 132 hp.

The Mk2 was only produced for 1 year and remains one of the rarest and most sought after models.


This particular matching number car is one of the only 355 BN7 produced.

Asking price: 87.500 €

Austin Healey 3000 BN7 - 6