Our experience in engine building and design is very extensive. Julian Messent, director of HCS, has been passionate about engines all his life, and over the last 25 years has designed improvements for almost every part of the Lagonda 4.5 Litre engine.  We can honestly say that over half of the 4.5 Litre Meadows based engines running today have benefitted from his improvements.  We also have a large experience in Talbot-Lago and pre-war Bentleys, both WO and Derby, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and many more.  We research metallurgy, chemistry, exhaust system characteristics, supercharging and every detailed part of the combustion process in order to optimize your engine and give you the absolute best “bang for your buck”. Every engine is extensively tested before returning it so that you can immediately enjoy it with no running in to worry about.  If you have a project that you would like to discuss, just contact us. We are happy to hear from you.


HCS has taken control of Formhalls Vintage Engineering in England (www.formhalls.com) and plans are in progress to build up both companies to monopolise on the fantastic skills now available due to this merger. Formhalls is the world’s leading White Metal Bearing specialist and we can now bring to the continent services previously unavailable.  Continental customers will now not need to travel over to England to have this work done. Drop it off at HCS and we will do it for you.