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NEW: Showroom, Mile Miglia top 50 finish and new cars!

Dear classic car friend,

We hope that you are safe and well during the everlasting pandemic. We have been working hard to keep ourselves and our crew safe and healthy. We hope to see you all soon in safe conditions.

HCS opens new showroom in Wommelgem

For months we have been working hard to get our new showroom ready for all our customers and enthusiasts to enjoy. We had planned a big reveal party for you and many more classic car lovers. But then the Corona Lockdown made sure that we couldn't host a mass event. For your and our safety we had to cancel our plans for the grand opening and that made us quite sad. We want to share this amazing space full of classic dream cars with you. Are you curious to see our brand new showroom? Please contact Christophe or Julian to make an appointment, so we can organise a 'corona'-safe visit. And we will give you a personal tour of our pride and joy!

Mail us at with your contact details to make an appointment or call us at +32 3 3543 33 31

Top 50 finish in Mille Miglia

This year we were honored to service a very rare 1934 Lagonda M45R and with great result; the car finished 18 places better than its best result on the previous rallies and a top 50 placing.

Before we set off for Italy we gave the Lagonda a special HCS event service package, to avoid major problems along the way. Christophe and Jonathan prepared the service van and installed the HCS Tracking system in the car, so we could follow the Lagonda along the rally. Just in case something happened we knew exactly were the car was at any given moment. Our customer was very pleased of our service team during the event and is already hoping for an even better result next year.

NEW Cars in Stock: A glance of 7 new cars in stock:

1924 Bugatti T23 Brescia 16V

Surprisingly agile and fast little Bugatti

1924 Amilcar CGS

A little gem

1928 Invicta 4,5L High Chassis

Unique ex 1929 Le Mans car!

1929 Alfa Romeo 6C-1750 ‘Stiles Threesome Spider'

The only one with the Testa Fissa competition engine

One of only two with a coachwork by James Young

1936 Morgan 4/4

Very early car, chassis Nr. 054

1953 Austin Healey 100/4

Perfectly restored early car, body Nr 400,

ex Donald Healey

1963 Citroën 2CV AZ 4x4 Sahara

Great condition un-restored car

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